The methodology of a project is the set of procedures for the planning and management of all its components. From the management of resources to the coordination of the work team or the relationship with all those interested in its results.

There are many types of project methodology, however, basic steps are usually followed for all types of projects. In this article we explain in a simple way how to make the methodology of a project so that your management and results are as effective as possible.


We understand by methodology of a project the process that we will follow to manage our activities following some requirements and steps, in order to find optimized work routes.

Before starting to apply this brief guide on how to prepare a project, it is important to understand that a project is a single unit of work, in which a management of available resources is carried out to achieve the specific objective of the project. All this in a clear period of time and established in the planning. Hence, to know how to make the methodology of a project, it is necessary to talk, and much, of how to plan a project.


The methodology of a project has always been a key element for the administration of work. Project management goes back to ancient times when it was necessary to plan and organize resources to build pyramids, design an airplane or build the Great Wall of China.

However, it was not until the 20th century that the different techniques and contemporary methodologies began to be theorized and defined, with the purpose of applying the most appropriate in our projects.

Many theorists place the beginning of Project Management in the publication of the Gantt Diagram, still used today with innovative variations of apps like Sinnaps. By the middle of the century, the United States Navy developed PERT and CPM techniques to apply predictive techniques in their projects. It was not until then that the main companies started using Gantt, PERT and CPM as key methodologies for the management of their projects.

At present, several methodologies are applied based on PMI, PRINCE2, Scrum, Kanban, etc. Basic all of them in the specialization in project management. But there is always a procedure common to all these techniques, which can be applied according to the needs of the project.


This common procedure can be applied to any type of project. It should be noted that the nature, requirements, purposes and other elements define the exact methodology to apply for project management. There will be those in which it is necessary to apply agile methods and there are those that should be highlighted more the predictive techniques, as is the case of the Construction sector.

However, we will see below that for all of them a basic procedure is usually followed.

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